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Co-creating with Your Optimal Future

There’s a huge array of possible futures out there that you could hook on to. So how do you go about connecting to, working with and letting yourself be pulled by a future which is the highest expression of your power, passion and purpose?

This One Day Workshop, held in Auckland, NZ.

is a chance to do just that.

Using a range of fun, easy, multi-modal techniques and exercises, we will help you gently explore, tap into the wholeness of your mind/ body/ heart/ soul wisdoms, and gain a clarity that is not possible through mind alone.

We will focus on –

What is this highest expression of you that is seeking to emerge right now?

How might you be limiting yourself or blocking that expression?

What can you do to co-operate with what is seeking to emerge, with this optimal future?

What’s your next step?

Maggie Harper, co-facillitator for this workshop is an actor, writer, counsellor and feldenkrais teacher and practioner, who has also found expression as a dancer and yoga teacher. She brings both a depth and width of experience, helping people connect in a compassionate way, with their body,mind, heart and soul wisdom, and live into the ‘more’ of themselves.


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Release the Writer Within

Workshops designed to help you explore, rekindle, develop

and celebrate your way of being with words.

Suitable for new or experienced writers.

A series of three, two hour worshops

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