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Want to release your creativity, realize your potential and experience increased options in your life?

International education advisor Sir Keith Robinson, talks about the importance of finding and living from your ‘Element’ – that place where your passion meets your aptitude or talent. “It is vital to understanding who you are and what you are capable of.”

We all have at least one Element, but the narrow focus of our educational system leaves many of us unaware of what our Element may be.


I can work with you to help you –

Identify your Element

and create a life that expresses it.

Develop your capacity to befriend the uncertainty

which is an integral part of the creative process.

Open to playfulness, which research has shown

increases brain plasticity and boosts creativity.

Open to the fullness of your inner wisdom.



In addition to calling on your mind knowing, I can support you in opening to and engaging body, heart and soul knowing, as well as the knowing of ‘Place’.


I can help you develop your skills with techniques and ways of knowing, which you can use to augment your skills of logic, analysis and planning. Things such as intuition, imagery, imagination, visualization, drawing, using metaphor, free writing and movement.


The more ways we have of calling on our wisdom –

the more creative and innovative we can be,

the more options we become aware of,

and the more of our potential we can realize.

It is a deepening, evolving process of opening to the more of who we are.



I can help you identify and deal with any anxieties, fears, limiting beliefs and stories that are blocking your creativity, blinding you to options and stifling your potential.


And I can also assist you with identifying, developing and strengthening support systems which facilitate your expanded expression of self.

If you are ready to move towards making that big change, contact me and book in for a free discovery session.

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