Life Coaching

The best way to find out about Life Coaching is to experience it.
All coaching is done via phone, which means geographical location is not an issue. I’m in Matakana, New Zealand, but you could be in Auckland, Wellington, Queenstown, Sydney, Tasmania, Brisbane, Los Angeles, or wherever and we can still easily work together. Appointments are made, and you call at the scheduled time.


Transformational Life Coaching is client driven and confidential. It is based on the premise that you are a unique, whole, creative solution­-finder, who is capable of focus, follow ­through and accomplishment.

Individual one–to–one coaching.

The no-obligation Discovery Session is Free. Allow 60 minutes.

During this initial session, we will work together to begin the process of gaining clarity  – around your intent, what you really want to achieve or experience  –  the impact achieving this will have on your life – what it is that might be slowing you down or getting in your way – and what strengths, talents, gifts, and resources you could draw on to achieve your goal.

You will tune into YOUR wisdom, creativity and power, and will likely end the session feeling renewed, re-energized, inspired and ready for action.

Subsequent sessions, last 45min, occur weekly and cost $120.

Payment is made a month in advance, ($480 per month).

I recommend that you commit to at least 8 coaching sessions if you are looking at creating any kind of lasting change. However, how many sessions you do really depends on where you are now and what depth and scope of change you are focused on. Many clients, who are looking for significant impactfull change, choose to continue for 9 months to a year.

Are you ready to commit to experiencing the Possible You?
The choice is yours.

It all starts with booking your free session.

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