Part 3. – Co-Creating with Your Chosen Future – A Visualization



Another way to partner with your future self is to work with the following visualization.




  1.  Gently close your eyes and begin letting go of any tension in your body. Just letting your shoulders, jaw, temples, forehead, arms and hands to go limp and lose. Letting each exhale take you deeper and deeper into easy, peaceful relaxation.



2.  Now imagine yourself in a safe place somewhere in nature, and begin to gently sense your surroundings – the colours, sounds, smells, the warmth or coolness, and the light touch of the air.



3.  As you look around this familiar or new safe space, let your attention be drawn to a still figure that sits quietly on the bench in front of you. A knowing registers somewhere inside you – this is your future self, the one who is living the future that you are consciously choosing to hook on to. They have been waiting patiently for you to arrive. They have been expecting you.



4.  Greet them and see the smile of recognition and welcome, as they invite you to sit beside them. As you take your place on the bench, let yourself take a moment to attune and open to this wonderful future self.



5.  Hear them as they tell you how excited they are that you have chosen to consciously co-create with them and how willing they are to answer your questions.



6.  Now is your chance to thank them, to begin asking questions, and to allow yourself to hear/sense the answers. Perhaps you choose to ask about what it was that your future self had to let go of, or own to create this reality. Or who or what supported them in creating this reality, in moving through the challenges and accessing the resources. Or does your question involve the actions they took? Know that you can visit them again when ever you choose, so you don’t have to ask all your questions now. Your future self may also have wisdom they want to share that you haven’t asked about. Open to receive this.



7.  Now they invite you to stand and face them, with arms out in front, palms up and outward to meet theirs. As palms touch you find that the rhythm of your breathing has begun to match theirs. The two of you breathing easy and gently as one. And as you breathe, the two in harmony, allow yourself to simply blend into your future self – two hands as one, two hearts as one, two selves as one. You and your chosen future as one in this safe place in nature.



8.  Let yourself really feel what it’s like to live this future. How does the world look? How do you look? What are you thinking and feeling? What possibilities lie waiting? How does it feel to have faced the challenges, achieved the milestones? What freedom does this perspective bestow on you?



9.  And now. Notice the stream of light that is coming in from some place far, far out there in the distance. Diffuse at first, it becomes brighter and more vital as it nears you. A knowing arises within you that this is the light of your optimal future, an ideal future that will never be fully realized, a future beyond knowing, the highest future of your soul or higher Self. It is sending you the gift of its resonance. And as you breathe, let yourself open to the light. Let it be absorbed by every cell of your being. Let the light open you to heights and depths beyond seeing, let it open you to your brilliant future and the gifts you have to give to the world’s future. Just breathe and be with the light for a while until it’s time to go.



10.  Thank your futures for their willingness to co-create with you. And then count from 1 to 5, and at the count of 5 open your eyes and bring your awareness back into the room. Feel the floor beneath your feet. Bring your focus to the walls and the furnishings around you and then record your insights, anchoring them with words, drawings or paintings.




What were the key insights?

What actions did your future suggest?

What’s one fun, easy thing you can do today to move towards this future?

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