Part 1 – Co- Creating with Your Chosen Future.



So how do you go about hooking into and working with your consciously, chosen future – the one you opt to live into ?



There are numerous ways. Some I am sure you are familiar with, such as working with a vision board/map, or a symbol of the future, or affirmations.



Over the next few posts I’ll outline three other options. There’s no ‘right’ way to co-create with your chosen future, so relax, allow yourself to experiment, find what fits and develop a practice of using it over time.




Working with a Physical Timeline.


Find somewhere where you can have uninterrupted privacy and quiet for about 15 minutes.


Imagine that there is a physical line drawn on the floor, that goes from 0 at one end to 10 at the other.


At the far end (10) lies the future you have chosen to hook into. You may have a very clear picture of what this is, who and what is in it, how it looks, feels, smells and sounds. Or it might be more a sense or feeling at this stage. You know the qualities that you claim for that future, maybe joy, or peace, confidence, a sense of belonging, creativity, excitement, feeling of being of service, or being of value and valued, but the specifics are vague at this stage. Either way let that realized future reside at 10.


At 0, the other end of your line, resides the opposite of 10. A reality which lacks those qualities, people, events and resources.


Where are you in your present reality? Step onto the line at a point that represents your current number?


Use your breath to connect into your body and to ground. Acknowledge where you are now, the aspects and qualities of your chosen future that are already in your life. Really own them. Feel the pride and gratitude.


Now look back to where you came from, (assuming you are not at 0), and let yourself become aware of what helped you get here. What people, resources, attitudes, beliefs, thoughts, actions and ‘unseen friends’ supported you?


Now, slowly take a step forward and then another noticing what happens in your body, to your breathing, in your thoughts and feelings as you move. Notice any images that arise. Tune into your body and stop moving forward at the point where you feel increased resistance. Maybe this is just one step forward, maybe it’s three, or perhaps you get to 10.


Where ever you stop, let yourself really land. Tune into your body. Let every cell drink in the wonder of being in this reality. What’s the physical sensation? What’s the emotion? What thoughts live at this future? If this future had a colour, a texture and a sound, what would they be? Let yourself really experience this place.


Now, turn back to where you have come from and open to an awareness of what and who helped your future self achieve this reality. What attitudes, beliefs, expectations, thoughts, and feelings. What resources did they reach out to and allow to support them?And what actions did they take? This is your time to ask your future self any questions you have. Just ask and allow yourself to sense an answer, as words, sense or image.


Perhaps your future self has a gift for you, something that will help you on your journey. Let yourself receive it in your imagination, (later you might find a physical representation of the gift to work with – a found object or image or a created artwork). You might like to ask your future self how you work with this gift.


Lastly thank your future self, knowing that you can return to this exercise whenever you choose. Step away from the line and start recording. Create for yourself an action plan for both inner and outer work.


What’s one fun and easy action you can take today?

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