Making this Your Best Year Yet





I love this time at the beginning of year. It seems spacious, patient and forgiving. A potent time, alive with an energy of possibility, that streams out of our collective ‘new page’ metaphor.



An energy that makes new beginnings seem absolutely possible. As if you can so easily stand arms wide, face to the sun, toes touching the edge of your known world and simply launch yourself into a new tomorrow. A tomorrow woven with opportunities. Invitations to express your power, strength and talent. To reveal your truth, values and beauty. To live your worth. To make your contribution.



But how do we open to receive and work with this New Year gift? How do we capitalize on its energy?



One way is to work with questions like the ones below.


Sit with the questions in some way –  Maybe free write, letting your knowing surface there on the page. Maybe meditate on the question that jumps out at you. Maybe paint or draw the answer, then explore and uncover its meaning. Or perhaps you can stand on the question, (written on a slip of paper), and tune in to your body knowing. A knowing which speaks in sensations, images, feelings and wisdom words.




Questions to sit with.


What would be the best possible outcome for the coming year?


What do you want your experience to be?


What would have to happen in the next year for you to look back and say it was your most successful and fulfilling year yet?


How do you want to feel when you look back and review the coming year?


What qualities do you want to stand for/ own this year?


What do you want to give/ contribute?




What are the strengths and talents you have, that can support this contribution?


What relationships can you engage in, develop and strengthen that will support this contribution?


What do you want to learn/ improve this year?


What experiences might open you up in this direction? What could you explore/ experiment with?


What relationships might move you in the direction of these experiences?


What beliefs can you hold that will support you making your contribution?


What beliefs do you hold that might be blocking you?


What habits do you have that will support you in your chosen direction?


What habits might impede you?


How could you creatively manage these blocks and limits?


What rituals or routines can you establish to enhance your ability to make your contribution?


Where do you get your energy from? What will support your contribution energetically?


What might be causing energy leaks?


How can you engage your creativity and wisdom in healing those leaks?



What’s one word that captures the essence of your ideal contribution, A word you can use to re-focus during the year?

Write it out and put it where you will see it often. Or you could paint it and tune into the image on a regular basis. You could also allow yourself to be drawn to a touch-stone object, that symbolizes the energy of the word. Or maybe it’s a touch-stone place.




What’s one fun, easy action that you will take this week, that will move you towards your chosen outcome?



Remember, the path to your optimal goal is unlikely to be a preformed, straight one that’s visible from your planning chair. It’s much more likely a crooked track. One that engages your creativity, that’s formed and reveals itself as you act. Where each action releases new information, new feedback about what you think, feel and want and where your resources can best be employed. It’s the winding path of growth, learning, and creativity. One with wrong turns and dead-ends. A path of possibility. So have fun. Explore and experiment. And move even further down the path of ‘making your difference in the world’. 

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