Frequently Asked Questions


What is a transformational life coach?

As an integral / holistic, transformational coach I work from the premise that you are already whole, with the wisdom and potential you need to achieve greatness.

And I partner with you to:

  • help you access more possibilities and options,
  • identify and connect with your wisdom, strengths and talents,
  • identify your purpose and values,
  • discover what is really important to you ­ – what you really want,
  • work out how to achieve it,
  • and celebrate your successes with you.

Who benefits from working with a transformational life coach?

Anyone who is ready and willing to engage with the process and make positive change in their life. The change can be in any, or multiple areas of your life – work, relationships, health, finances, spirituality or lifestyle. And people can come from any profession.

There are doctors, mothers, managers, CEOs, builders, artists, writers, entrepreneurs, people in transition, people who are overwhelmed, people looking for more meaning, people facing big decisions, or people wanting to focus on contribution – who all work with transformational coaches.

Coaching, however, is not a substitute for psychotherapy or counselling.

Why work with a coach, instead of doing it by myself?

Potential and possibility live in the unknown or the unseen aspects of the known. However, being with the unknown with awareness can be really uncomfortable and difficult to do. In fact most of us have a tendency to quickly close the space down by latching onto something familiar- those same old solutions, perpectives, thoughts, actions or feelings. As a coach I will help you to keep the space open long enough for your clarity and wisdom to emerge.

I will help you feel safe and comfortable enough to stay curious and open to the possibilities of your situation. And I will partner with you to create an environment where the tender shoots of an emerging future can grow.

How individualized is coaching?

Instead of squashing you into a one­-size-­fits-­all box, my coaching is tailored to suit you and your particular situation and needs. I will partner with you to identify the specific, observable outcomes you want and the way you choose to move toward them.

Coaching is a client driven process.

How do I know if I am coachable, right now?

Are you ready and willing to engage your will in the process of change? Are you prepared to stay curious and explore and experiment?

Are you willing to invest in yourself and discover more about your potential, your strengths, your resistance, your creativity, your resilience, and your genius? And are you ready to do it all with lightness and compassion for self?

If so, you are coachable, right now.

How do I know whether coaching will work for me?

Your motivation and readiness to engage with the process are key in determining successful coaching outcomes, as is my ability to provide a balance of challenge and support.

What’s the next step?

If this sounds like you, book in for a free, no obligation, 60 minute discovery session. Contact me today.

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