Can You Hear the Future Calling?

We are living in a time of great transition. In a time of chaos, a time of creativity and a time of massive potential.


Cracks in the old structures are becoming obvious and something new, something as yet unknown, is forming. An optimal future is seeking to emerge.




Now, what if this optimal future is a future that requires our whole-hearted contributions? What if the story of this future’s birthing is not the one we are so familiar with; of the larger than life, singular hero pushing or pulling the rest of us into a new beginning, but rather, a story of a co-created, participatory reality.

A future that’s a synergy of the individual contributions of billions of  ‘ordinary-extraordinary’ people, just like you and me, living out and embodying our unique life purposes?



What if this future, instead of wanting our conformity and obedience, instead of schooling us to stay small and ‘be good’, instead of requiring us to squeeze into preset moulds, whilst dulling down our difference, invites us to express our unique capacities, strengths, talents and gifts, invites us to express our difference. What if it in fact needs us, whoever we are, whatever we do, to collectively shine?




And, what if this future requires that we open to the optimal possibilities that we collectively and in partnership with the more-than-human world of nature, can imagine and manifest?



How ready are you?

What do you need to open to?

What support do you need and where could it come from?

What have you noticed about the pockets, threads and webs of questioning, creativity and innovation that are appearing worldwide?

And, if you knew the world would receive you with open hearted enthusiasm, what would you dare to explore, invent, express and manifest?

What would be your next step?

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