More On Purpose


Are you yearning for more?
More meaning, purpose & value in your life?

“ Your purpose in life is to find your purpose
and give your whole heart and soul to it.”

Gautama Buddha

At various times in our lives, especially in our 40’s, 50’s and 60’s, many of us feel the gnawing tug of purpose.

Maybe you’ve been visited by it, that stirring sense of discontent, that inexplicable emptiness and that yearning for ‘more’ – not more stuff, nor more recognition, nor more success of the type we have known so far and have possibly experienced in spades – no, this is something else.

A yearning for more meaning, for a life more aligned with our authentic values, one which uses the fullness of our unique talents, skills and strengths, that expresses the truth of us. One more aligned with our inner purpose. One which fulfills.

James Hillman says that purpose is the unique individual energy of the soul and that it is something that you come into the world with.

Purpose is seeded within you, waiting to be uncovered, rather than invented.

The revealing, is often an ongoing process of inquiry, action, and opening to feedback, rather than an receiving an epipheny.

Purpose will be influencing you whether you know it or not, but the more conscious you are of it, the more it will impact your life.

It will be perfectly aligned with your innate strengths and talents and involve learning and the development of those strengths and talents.

  • Living a life of purpose
  • imbues activities with meaning
  • helps you engage with life
  • adds a sense of spaciousness, peace and possibility
  • gives grounding and stability
  • helps you focus and make decisions
  • attracts opportunity and invites creativity
  • increases your experience of fun and joy
  • is fulfilling
  • is the contribution you are called upon to make to the world

Until you uncover your own life purpose, the temptaion is to follow someone else’s, your parents’s, teacher’s, or friend’s, or that of the touted rich, famous and successful. Paths that are not your’s, hence not designed for the full expression of authentic you and your unique contribution.

If you are feeling that pull, yearning for more, coaching can help. The process of uncovering and moving into living a purpose filled life, is easier when you have support – someone to help you connect with your wisdom – someone to take a stand in your corner.

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